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About the Artist

I have been interested in art and design since I was a small child. I have always loved to doodle, and I remember being engrossed with drawing, painting, hand-thrown pottery and clay sculpting in my teen years. It just seemed natural that I would pursue a creative career, which began with my studies at the University of Utah and subsequent graduation with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Since then, I have been working as a professional designer as both an employee and freelancer. My design background includes the creation of packaging, exhibits and displays, trade show graphics, point-of-purchase materials, illustration, logos, product catalogs, brochures, corporate identity and branding. I have an in-depth knowledge of all collateral tasks, from concept and layout to working with photographers and press-checking. I have well-rounded experience with most current design software platforms and operating systems and expert level training in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Most recently I was employed as a senior advertising designer for a well-known hunting goods manufacturer. In addition to being the lead designer for the last four years on this company's two annual 300-page catalogs, my design contributions expanded to include video and TV commercial concept and storyboarding, as well as providing art and content support for the in-house web department.

I also accept freelance commissions from time to time. Some of my past clients have included Thanksgiving Point, International Chocolate Company, Skyline Displays, Exhibit Fabricators, Bolsa Bag, Interline Natural Gas, Hockey Haven, Trimco Millwork, Salt Lake Amateur Hockey Association, the Utah Belly Dance Festival and Sutter and Associates. I currently maintain two small websites for the Golden Spike Shooting Range, a private rifle range located in northern Utah.

In my private work, I have pursued a love of costuming. Since the mid 1990s, designing and constructing a variety of costume work has become an enjoyable and frequent pastime. Most recently I have begun a foray into historical costuming, particularly the romantic gowns of the Victorian era. I am now marketing custom-made Victorian gowns and millinery through my own Etsy storefront and maintain a blog documenting the creative process involved in my sewing. My current costuming projects include a trained 1880's Natural Form Era silk promenade gown as well as creating a reproduction of the gown worn by Grand Duchess Xenia of Russia at the Winter Palace Ball in 1903.

Keeping several watercolor sketchbook journals is a way of sparking ideas and concepting new projects in both sewing and graphic design. I have also been involved over the years with many other different artistic pursuits including ceramics, stained glass, papercrafting, costuming, hatmaking, and painting with watercolors, gouache, acrylics and oils.

I am also a NRA-certified shotgun instructor and love introducing others to the shotgun sports, especially teaching women's-only trapshooting classes. I am an avid shotgunner, enjoying upland hunting, skeet, sporting clays and competitive trapshooting. In 2001 I became the Utah State Ladies Singles trapshooting champion, and garnered the Utah State High Ladies Overall in 2002 as well as achieving 5th place in the shootoff for Western Zone Handicap Open Class Champion. I am also a two-time State Trap Team member, and several-time State Round Robin Ladies Champion, winning many other trapshooting titles along the way. I also enjoy participating in Cowboy Action Shooting and ViMBAR matches.